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Holidays Home Work Shift-II 05-10-2019
Provisional admission list-3 of Shift-1 and Shift-2 23-04-2019
Wild Wisdom Quiz - 2019 23-04-2019
Provisional admission list-2 of Shift-1 & Shift-2 10-04-2019
Local Transfer for the session 2019-20 03-04-2019
Admission Waiting list for session 2019-20 under various categories 29-03-2019
Ganga Quest - a online National Quiz on Ganga. Registration start- 1 April19 Quiz duration-15April19 to 15May19 28-03-2019
Schedule for Admission in CLass 1 for the session 2019-20 (Both Shift) 27-03-2019
Provisional Admission List for KV Wards (Shift 1) for the session 2019-20 27-03-2019
Shift 1 : Provisional list of Admission for class 1 (for the session 2019-20) 26-03-2019
Shift 2 : Provisional list of Admission for class 1 (for the session 2019-20) 26-03-2019
Draw of lots for admission of class -1 for Session 2019-20 on 26.03.2019 23-03-2019
Advertisement for Admission for the session 2019-20 28-02-2019
Notice for Registration of Firms for the session 2019-20 25-02-2019
Datesheet for Session Ending Examination for the session 2018-19 19-02-2019
परीक्षा पर चर्चा 2.0 पत्र 15-01-2019
NOTICE for all parents and students 15-07-2018
Provisional admission list for class XI (Commerce) shift-II Session 2018-19 27-06-2018
Provisional admission list for class XI (Commerce) Shift-I Session 2018-19 27-06-2018
Notice for admission in class 11 for non-KV students for the session 2018-19 20-06-2018
Shift 1 -Provisional list for class 11 for the session 2018-19 08-06-2018
Shift 2 -Provisional list for class 11 for the session 2018-19 08-06-2018
Waiting List of Category-4 Shift-II Class-1 20-04-2018
Provisional Admission List of Differentially Abled category Class-1 20-04-2018
Provisional Admission List and waiting list of SGC shift -II, Class -I 20-04-2018
Waiting List of Category-3 Shift-II Class-1 16-04-2018
Waiting List of Category-2 Shift-II Class-1 12-04-2018
Provisional List of Admission to class I for the session 2018-19 -Shift 1 CATEGORY 1 -TRANSFER 1 06-04-2018
Waitlist List for Admission to class I for the session 2018-19 -Shift 1 CATEGORY 1 -TRANSFER 1 06-04-2018
Provisional admission list and waiting list of class 1, for category-I session 2018-19 Shift-II 06-04-2018
Provisional List of Admission to class I for the session 2018-19 under RTE- Shift 1 (Uploaded after due permission from VMC Chairman) 28-03-2018
Category 1 Provisional admission list Shift-2 04-03-2018
Provisional Admission List ST Category for Session 2018-19 Shift-2 04-03-2018
Provisional List of Admission to class I for the session 2018-19 -Shift 1 04-03-2018
Provisional List of Admission to class I for the session 2018-19 -Shift 1 (Under ST) 04-03-2018
सत्र 2018-19 के लिए कक्षा 1 में प्रवेश के लिए सूचना 27-02-2018
सभी पदों के लिए संविदा शिक्षकों के साक्षात्कार 28.02.2018 को प्रात: 8.00 बजे से दोपहर 12.30 बजे तक आयोजित किए जाएंगे । 21-02-2018
Launched in April 2016, the Swachhata Pakhwada is a significant initiative under the Swachh Bharat Mission. It is inspired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi's vision to engage all Union Ministries and Departments in Swachhata-related activities, thereby truly making Swachhata "everyone's business". It involves substantial efforts made towards Swachhata by all Union Ministries/ Departments through fortnightly initiatives spread across the nation, throughout the year. 09-01-2018
Date Sheet for Periodic tests and 2nd Pre Boards. 20-12-2017
Overview of Vidyalay's Security 18-09-2017
हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर आयुक्त महोदय द्वारा जारी अपील का प्रेषण 14-09-2017
Updated KVS REPORT CARD Software for different Classes. 04-09-2017
शिक्षक दिवस पर माननीय आयुक्त, केंद्रीय विद्यालय संगठन का सन्देश 04-09-2017
अंतिम रूप से चयनित कक्षा-1 में दाखिला हेतु सफल उम्मीदवारों की अस्थाई सूची की लाटरी दिनांक २२.०३.२०१७ को दिन में १२:०० बजे विद्यालय परिसर में होगा । चूँकि ‘एकल बालिका’ के दाखिले हेतु चयन का लाटरी मानवीय प्रक्रिया द्वारा दिन में११:३० बजे होगा। 22-03-2017
Provisional list of candidates shortlisted for admission in Class 1- 2017 (Shift - I) 22-03-2017
.प्रवेश की भारी मांग को ध्यान में रखते हुए कक्षा -I के लिए पंजीकरण की अंतिम तिथि 5 दिन तक बढ़ा दी गई है। संशोधित अंतिम तिथि 15 मार्च 2017 है अधिक जानकारी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 11-03-2017
सत्र 2017-18 के लिए संविदा शिक्षकों का पैनल 10-03-2017
Datesheet for SA2 for Classes 6th to 9th and SEE Class 11th 28-02-2017
holiday homework for class I to V FOR VACATIONS OF 16/01/2017 to 19/1/2017(I SHIFT) 16-01-2017
Postponement of Half Yearly Examination & Pre-Board scheduled for 12.12.2016 to 13.12.2016. 09-12-2016
Physical Education Class 12 - Notes / Study Material 03-12-2016
Syllabus Class 11 and 12 Physical education 02-12-2016
29/10/2016(शनिवार) से 01/11/2016 तक विद्यालय बंद रहेगा 28-10-2016
विद्यालय समय 02/11/2016 से बदल जाएगा (7:20 AM to 12:25 PM for first Shift and 12:35 PM to 5:30 PM for second Shift) 28-10-2016
Exams will be rescheduled from 14/09/2016 08-09-2016
VISITING HOURS: 10:00 AM TO 11:00 AM 08-09-2016
Id-ul-Zuha Holiday will be on 13/09/2016 08-09-2016
Outstanding Achievements for session 2015-16 23-07-2016
XII Assignment All CBSE Questions 20-07-2016
Regarding Admission in Class XI Commerce Stream , 2nd Shift for the session 2016-17 15-07-2016
International Yoga Day 21-06-2016
Result at a Glance class 12th 2015-16 24-05-2016
Holidays Homework computer science class XII 10-05-2016
Holidays Homework 2016-17 10-05-2016
Self Study Topics for Summer Vacation 10-05-2016
Summer Vacations - Rescheduled 09-05-2016
Wailist candidates for admission in class 1 (SHIFT 1) 2016-17 12-04-2016
Class -I Admission List 2016-17 (Shift- II) 22-03-2016
Class I Admission List 2016-17 (Shift 1) 21-03-2016
Admission Guidelines of KVS 2016-17 08-02-2016
Study material Economics - XII 24-11-2015
Celebrating Annual Sports Meet -2015 20-11-2015
Important Notice for Parents (Shift-II) 23-09-2015
KVS Regional Sports Meet 2015-16 Event- Badminton(Girls) Venue- KV Andrews Ganj w.e.f. 12.08.2015-14.08.2015 12-08-2015
Workshop for Librarians on Skill development & Current trends and technologies was held on 07.08.2015 at the school premises 07-08-2015
Visit of Mr. Sanjay Kothari, IAS (Secretary, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions) for an interactive session with Class XII Students on 01.August.2015 01-08-2015
Inservice course for PRTs (12 days) 1st spell 18-05-2015
Sanitation Rating :-GREEN 04-09-2014
कक्षा 1 में प्रवेश के लिए सूचना 30-11--0001
Provisional List of class 11 commerce fresh admissions 30-11--0001